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Experiential Retail

Hands-on experience from a Laptop Demo Program can help your bookstore stand out from big box stores and boost laptop sales. Learn more in our free guide.

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HPI Programs

HPI Programs

Exclusive programs built for you. We've create a variety of programs aimed at helping your bookstore grow.

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HPI Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Our way of thanking you! Sign up for HPI loyalty rewards and get points for each purchase. Redeem your points for great products, gift cards, and more!

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About HPI

HPI specializes in a consultative approach to addressing the needs of college bookstores so you can compete against big box retailers. We stock products that offer technology that is affordable and necessary for today's students.

Our goal is to increase the value your bookstore brings to students by focusing on the how, what, when, and where of the sales process. The right technology at the right price--we take care of the details, you take care of your students.

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A Social Media Guide for Your College Bookstore

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Efficient Inventory Management in a College Bookstore

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