The 12 schools in the Port Alberni public school district have a total of 3,500 students—smaller than some typical high schools. That hasn’t stopped them from becoming mighty through technology innovation.
Futuresource's latest quarterly report shows Windows share grew an additional 6.5 points on devices under $300 – reaching its highest share in four years in this category.
Keyboard shortcuts, handy tools, and more. We've got plenty of useful tips for Surface, Office, and Windows 10.
Alternative high school switches from Google to Microsoft technology, gains security and flexibility.

Microsoft Intune for Education is software that you can use to improve student learning outcomes through connected classrooms and engaging new technologies.

Excellent education is a basic right and a socioeconomic and workforce imperative. This means that schools need to be preparing students with a real-world education to benefit all.
When Google emerged with the Chrome OS and Chromebooks, Microsoft, at first, decided to move aside.
Microsoft is partnering with the world’s largest education company, Pearson, to bring a new range of VR and AR educational experiences to the HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.