One of the biggest challenges with education, no matter where you go in the world, is disengaged students. It's students who are not listening, who are not active, who are not learning, who are not retaining.

Faculty and staff don't want to be tied to the front of the classroom at the podium with cables anymore. They want to move around. They want to see what students are working on and then be able to present their content from their device to the projector while standing next to the students. 

Another area of improvement when using Ergotron, is student collaboration. Having students work in small groups together can easily be achieved with the mobility of these desks. In a study from the University of Wyoming, on active learning and how it increases motivation, retention and success stated, "at this point it's unethical to teach any other way." 

The challenge: figuring out how to set up a classroom and implement technology to improve classroom engagement and learning. We want students who are excited to be in class, students who are engaged in the content and can retain what they have learned.  Ergotron's heigh-adjustable standing desks infuse movement into the school day.  These desks offer the core sit-stand features and functionality that help support positive academic performance, collaboration and student well-being.