Here are the key benefits of the Microsoft for Business Complete for Business Service Offering: 

  • Advanced Exchange and Next Business Day replacement –  assure that Student and Faculty Members stay productive, with absolutely no down time, while the device gets returned.
  • Microsoft Complete for Business Plus Service offerings  – allow you to tap into a white glove type concierge service w/ advanced device replacement, in addition to training and support tailored to meet your needs.
  • Concierge service and Training for Departments, students and end users – I can elaborate on this at your convenience.


Q: If a student/faculty member damages their device, they can’t afford to be down for long. How do Microsoft Service Offerings ensure users can stay productive?

A: ‘Advanced Exchange,’ which comes standard on all Microsoft Service Offerings, puts a replacement device in an employee’s hands before they are required to return the original. This ensures they can be up and running quickly.

Additionally, with ‘Next Business Day Replacement’ – available on Complete for Business Plus, Complete for Education (US and Canada only), Complete for Enterprise (US and Canada only) – a replacement device can be delivered as soon as the next business day.

To guarantee delivery for a damaged device by the next business day, customers must make their device replacement requests (per geography) by the following times the previous business day:

  • US and Canada = 2pm CT


Q: What is Complete Concierge and what is the value of the service?

A: Complete Concierge is a service provided by Microsoft at no additional cost for customers who purchase Complete for Business Plus, Complete for Education, and Complete for Enterprise. With Complete Concierge services, customers’ IT administrators and employees will receive customized onboarding and onsite training tailored to specific organizational need. Additionally, every month, employees will have access to Complete community webinars that provide industry - specific Windows, Office, and Surface information that helps employees and administrators be more effective. From OneNote to Teams, to updates and diagnostic tools, Complete Concierge ensures organizations are using Surface devices effectively and maximizing device investments.