Excellent education is a basic right and a socioeconomic and workforce imperative. This means that schools need to be preparing students with a real-world education to benefit all.  By enrolling in Microsoft’s Imagine Academy, a student can receive certifications that almost guarantee future employment. Imagine Academy is an annual subscription that provides curriculum and resources for academic institutions to train and certify their educators and students. Training is provided for Microsoft products and technologies in three areas of study: Computer Science, IT Infrastructure, and Productivity. 

Listed below are 6 benefits of students who complete Imagine Academy courses and gain certification via the Microsoft  Imagine Academy:

1.  Microsoft certifications increase student employability by more than 15%.  The Wall Street Journal highlights a Burning Glass Study - which stated that the most commonly required skills are also the most basic ones: spreadsheets and word processing software, aka Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. The study also cites that 67% of middle skills jobs demand proficiency with these tools, suggesting that schools and training sites need to go back to the basics.

2.  6.2 million new IT jobs will be created by 2022 – 71% of all new jobs will be in the computer sciences.

3.  Prospective employees who posses Microsoft skills and certifications are in high demand.  In fact, Microsoft Office and Microsoft PowerPoint are two of the top 10 most sought-after skills by employers.


4.  91% of hiring managers consider Microsoft certifications a requirement for hiring.

5.  Students in a business entry level position on average will earn $16,312 more with Microsoft certification than without.

6.  To date, there are over 16,000 Imagine Academy users in over 140 countries and growing, don’t let your students fall behind.


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