4 Simple Tips to Capture the College Market

College students of today have a lot to offer and companies need to understand the value of the college market to succeed. A company that is committed to the idea that today’s college students are tomorrow’s business men and women, doctors, engineers, and teachers will be successful in acquiring customers for life.  Companies must realize the importance of price differentiation and provide incentives for students to purchase their products. Here are four simple tips you can use to capture the college market.

1. Get to the point, fast.

College is a hectic time for young adults, especially incoming freshman.  They’re dealing with difficult classes, new schedules, adapting to a new environment, all while trying to balance a social life. There are already so many complications in a student’s life, there’s no need to complicate things further.  Be creative and remember that witty and funny work. What doesn’t work? A campaign that doesn’t get to the point.

2. Win over mom and dad.

Selling to college students as a whole may result in big bucks, but individually they usually on a budget and don’t have much money to spend. Pricing strategy is paramount: too expensive and the student’s can’t afford it, too cheap and you can’t clear overhead. But what can make things easier? Marketing to both the student and the parent. Parent’s have the purchasing power as well as a higher spending budget. Selling to college students can be challenging, but also rewarding. Many parents and students you meet will be excited about getting their supplies and dorms ready and actually want to shop with you. Take advantage of this and make it a great experience for everyone.

3. Use social media to advertise.

Social media, especially Facebook, is a great platform to market to college students. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all provide tools to target the right people.  It’s your job to then create ads that are fun and engaging. Advertising on social media can be tricky and sometimes prove ineffective, but an ad format that has proven to work for this audience are competitions and games.

4. Go the traditional route and use TV ads, posters and billboards.

According to the latest annual “College Explorer” study, television, posters, and billboards generate a significant amount of attention from college students. When surveyed, 77% of college students have claimed to pay some attention to TV ads. 72% enjoy samples and over half say that they have actually gone on to purchase that brand after.  68% of students admit to paying attention to billboards and posters and 64% engage in contests and promotions, so do what works. Create the billboards and posters, offer the samples, run the contests and you will generate the sales.