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"Since we started selling ASUS products in our store, students really like the quality, the design, and the price. As of today, We had not have any complains or returns. Students who already purchased an ASUS Tablet or computer, recommend other students to purchase it. As resellers, we get a good margin, and the bundles always sell very well."

Nestor C
Oakland Community College Royal Oak Bookstore


"I sold all of the Asus laptops in the first 20 minutes of rush and took preorders for ones not even ordered yet."

Nathan C
Isothermal College


"After having several requests from students asking for the option to purchase laptops and tablets through our store, we knew it was a product we could no longer afford not to offer. Being a small store with only around 2,600 students, we knew that it would not suit us to offer expensive products or keep a large stock. This meant our first task was finding a company that could help us meet those needs.

HPI has been able to help us thrive in every category They offer a large selection that has allowed us to offer students inexpensive products that normally ship out fairly quickly. Our sales rep, Rachel, has been wonderful to work with and has made our transition into selling electronics very smooth. She is always making sure we know about the best deals or fixing any problems that may arise.

We have been offering laptops and tablets for almost a year now and have seen growth every semester. Every semester we learn something new and work to apply it the following semester. This next semester we plan on ordering in more stock to decrease the number we have to special order. While the initial step into selling electronics was intimidating, the repeated thank yous from our students and the increased profits has made it more than worth it. It has become more than just another product we offer, but a service we provide that our students greatly appreciate."

Jessica Pace
Panola College


"Our college bookstore is reinventing itself and carrying new products for the benefit of our students. HPI has made this transition much easier than we anticipated by having the right products at the right prices, with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff we have ever seen.  I’m confident that our students are going to be very happy with their “new” bookstore, and we have HPI International to thank for that. We look forward to a long and profitable (for both of us) relationship with HPI International."

Kyle M. Page
Clinton Community College


"Your new website is pleasant to look at and easy to navigate. It is visually clear and not cluttered with too much graphics. The pages loaded quickly and I was able to navigate without waiting for pages to open up."

"We are in the middle of rush. The tablets and laptops are selling well. We sold 65 laptops in two days, not sure how many tablets."

Doris Garner 
Halifax Community College Bookstore


"I actually just got the order in today for the flash drives. Your website was very easy to navigate and make the purchase on. Thanks again for getting me set up on the website and for making yourself so readily available to me."

Lindsay Magaw
Altamaha Technical College


"I pretty much have sold through all the new items I brought in. I will be looking to reorder more today."

Michael Warrington
Smith Food & Drug Company



"We have been very happy with i-Ecko. It looks great in our Green section and the pricing is attractive to our customers."

Rinaldo Matthews
NYU Computer Store



"I've sold out of the i-Ecko Budeez, the i-Ecko Pods, as well as the i-Ecko swivel drive 4gb. Those items have been very popular."

Charles Stevenson
Cavalier Computers (University of Virginia)


"HPI is a wonderful company to deal with.  Whenever I need something in a rush my sales consultant is always willing to help and get me what I need right away.  I love the company."

Susan Alt
Spartanburg Community College Bookstore 


"Great prices, fast service and a wonderful service representative, who keeps on top of things. "

NCC Bookstore


"My recent purchases from HPI have proved better than any I have experienced in the past. Your shipments arrived just as promised. In addition, I appreciate the handling of the backorders.

I was greatly impressed with the quality of HPI's new website. Frankly, when we "walked" through the site, I was fascinated with the arrangement, style, and thoughtfulness that you all put into the project. I was especially amazed when you told me that most of the work was done "in-house."  I suspect HPI could put together another component of your business plan--web development.

Your honest presentation gave me a better idea of who HPI is. I suspect the in-house teamwork efforts came across as an honest expression of HPI.

During our conversation, I mentioned that I was going to bookmark HPI, and I did. Since HPI is a long time supporter of ICBA, I will look for opportunities to purchase resale items from HPI. I can see that you have some niche opportunities that could help augment our product line. "

Keith Burrell
Lane Community College


"HPI has helped our bookstore take a giant leap into technological sales. Thanks to them, we can now compete with the large national chains in our area. They always answer any questions I have about their products. Our rep keeps in touch and always lets me know when an item is coming up on sale and what the hot deals are. Their website is user friendly and customer service is friendly and awesome. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my electronic needs!"

Jennifer Matteson
Cougar Corner Bookstore

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